Ornament Painting

June 08, 2022 Ornament Painting How we maintain our wreath, garland, and tree ornaments! The holidays do not stop here at Exterior Products. We are well into our off-season as our shop crew prepares for the holidays. Part of this … Read More

LED Bridge Lighting

  May 04, 2022 LED Bridge Lighting Our latest retrofit project! Take a look at our process from survey to install! It starts with the current site conditions. Some of the bridge lights are missing covers and the existing fixtures … Read More

Needle in the Haystack

April 13, 2022 Needle in the Haystack Our recent troubleshooting journey to find a shorted wire at a shopping center! Lamps throughout the parking lot were flickering on and off when we arrived. In troubleshooting, we went to various poles … Read More

Handcrafted Bows

April 06, 2022 Handcrafted Bows When Holiday decor needs perfection we craft it ourselves! During the off-season, we here at Exterior Products maintain and replace our Holiday decor. This year we found that our wreath bows have served more than … Read More

Hydro Jetting

March 23, 2022 Hydro Jetting Keep drains clean and clear with routine hydro jetting! Drain jetting is one of the property maintenance tasks that are easy to forget. They are often out of sight, and the maintenance status of a … Read More

Time For A Roof Clean?

March 02, 2022 Time For A Roof Clean? There have been strong winds and rain lately. It may be time to clean your roof! One of the prime examples of the dreaded “out of sight out of mind” aspect to … Read More

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