Sign Permit Process

July 13, 2022

Sign Permit Process

A general overview of what you may need to obtain a sign permit.


First and foremost, it is important to familiarize yourself with the building code and to investigate any zoning restrictions prior to applying for a permit. Have the dimensions and specifications of your sign handy when investigating, and note any discrepancies that could effect how or if you can apply for a permit. As an example, most cities have different requirements for illuminated signs and restrictions on which contractors can install them (ex. C-45 or C-10 contractors). It is important to have the following information as it may be required to submit with your permit application:

• Sign detail(s) showing:
dimensions, mounting height, and mounting method

• Elevation(s) of existing and proposed site condition
(ex. front wall of building where sign is mounted)

• Site plan of your building showing the lot dimensions

• If mounting to a wall, a wall construction detail

• Any manufacturer/fabricator drawings and specifications

Requirements vary by city and sign type. Always research for permit requirements prior to installing, modifying, or removing a sign.

At times, the size, weight, and/or construction of your sign may require your plans to be certified by a licensed engineer. Illuminated, media, or otherwise electrically power signs may also require electrical information in the submittal. In some cases, electrical signs may also require you also apply for an electrical permit.



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