Bird Control Solutions

Birds can spread over 60 transmittable diseases and bacteria that come in the forms of bacterial, fungal, protozoal and viral. They also detract from the property’s appearance and increase maintenance costs.

Aesthetics and effectiveness are two factors that must be accurately listed to get the best product for your bird control needs. At Exterior Products, we offer bird control consulting services to architects, installers and building owners alike. A properly implemented bird spike, tension wire, shock track or net is custom fit to your property, sanitary for your tenants and patrons, humane, and affordable.

Many times, jobs need a combination of spike and wire, so there is no one perfect application. The spike is the most cost-effective to install on the labor side, but the product can cost about 10% more than the wire system. When factoring materials and labor, the wire systems tend to cost about 20% more overall, but this may vary with your local labor rates and installation application.

Bird Spike

The 2001 Stainless Spike is the most recommended bird control product by architects. It can be easily applied to ledges, window sills, roof peaks, and flat parapets using industrial silicone. It includes 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, a non-reflective finish, and a sun/weatherproof base with the flexibility to form without breaking. Each base has 40 spikes per foot.

Bird Wire

Our Bird Wire application is a low visibility, safe and humane way to deter birds from ledges, decorative woodwork, overhangs, trash enclosures and trellises.

When deploying a wire system, you must measure and plan carefully. A support post must be placed every 5′, and the wire system should be terminated every 10′, or the birds can defeat the system. In addition, we recommend using a silicone sealant for the polycarbonate plastic bases. In doing so, you will stage the bases with posts installed on one day, allow them to cure for 24 hours, then add your tension wire.

Bird Netting

Netting structures really do an excellent job of excluding all of our winged friends. However, netting structures are a labor-intensive operation. The concept is simple and requires a series of turnbuckles running a series of wires throughout. The most common applications tend to be eaves and HVAC areas on industrial properties. They work excellent on signs, but you have to factor the visibility of a net once complete.

Shock Track

Shock Track is a humane, low profile option that offers easy application and quick results. It is mechanical, however, which means it will require maintenance. The coverage area is about 4″, and the optional solar or 120V available chargers will need to be reviewed. The solar charger will energize up to 500′ of track and the 120V charger will carry up to 1,000′ in line with an output of 035A / 10W.

Bird Control Installation

At Exterior Products, we are an authorized distributor of BBG Products, Inc. We are well versed in architectural bird control products and have received the necessary California State credits and training to perform our installations specific to this product. We offer debris cleanup, disinfecting, exclusion, maintenance and product guarantees.

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