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Exterior Products, Corp. is both a wholesaler of high end outdoor commercial products and a CA contractor for installation as an added value for the products we sell.

Our niche is quite simply put as follows:

“We add professionalism to a market traditionally viewed as unskilled.”

Our executive team has over 12 years of field experience each along with contractor licenses, undergraduate and graduate degrees to complement.

We owe our success to our clients and installers who we view as the most important feature in any business relationship. The transaction between the property owner/manager and our sales team is only a very small part of the program. When our crew is working on-site at your development, your patrons and tenants see only the installer. Therefore, we strive to improve our front line’s performance and image to deliver superior service.

We are a small firm with a big impact and our business model allows us to operate on a small overhead so we can allocate profits to employee education, safety, equipment and the ability to take or pass on select projects.

References are available upon request. We are a wholesale operation and do not service residential clients.

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