4 Months Left to Prep


July 27, 2022

4 Months Left to Prep

We help keep SoCal retail properties on track for the holidays!


As July comes to a close, we here at Exterior Products are taking our extending our holiday prep work to retail centers throughout SoCal. An unseen, yet necessary component for clean, even light lines are the clips. Installation or replacement of the clips also happens to be a time-consuming process, and with so many properties to service, we start around July to stay ahead of our schedule.

There are two components to the clip assembly, a tab that affixes to the bulb, and a clip that’s adhered to the parapet. (See images to the right) The work we do this early in the season can be divided into the tab side (done in-house) and the clip side (done in the field).

At our facility, we check all our light lines for functionality and quality. In addition to checking and replacing the bulbs, we also check the tabs and replace any missing or broken ones. Light lines are numbered and labeled per center, and each designation relates to our proprietary site plan.

In the field, our crew visits the rooftops to install or replace missing/broken parapet clips. Depending on the availability of access, we use our boom lifts to reach the parapet and perform our work. With so many centers that need to be holiday ready come December, starting this step in July makes the lighting installation go by much more efficiently. It’s as simple as snapping the tab to the clip and flipping on the switch!


Parapet clip, shingle tab, combined clip and tab with bulb installed

Combined Parapet Clip and Shingle Tab




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