Holiday Takedown: Tree

December 29, 2021

Holiday Takedown: Tree

With the Holiday season coming to a close it is time for the decor to go!

Let us take a moment to see the takedown process of one of our trees.

It starts with a lot of unplugging!

Branches must be unplugged before being removed. All parts are handled with care as they will be reused next season. At this step, one person starts at the top of the tree with the boom, and the other starts at the bottom of the tree with a ladder. No, there is no prize for who reaches the middle first.

Once all the branches are off, the next step is to disassemble the frame. There is not as much unplugging in this step, but there is a lot of unbolting! I think the former is less tedious.

Of course, we cannot leave a bunch of artificial tree parts in the middle of a shopping center! That is why we have another truck on the site to receive material and take it back to storage. Who knew that tree could still take up so much room?

The last and most important step: relax!



Some Fun Artificial Tree Facts

It might be a Jeopardy question one day, so these facts are worth knowing!

The earliest artificial tree was made in 1747 and it was a tree-shaped wood pyramid lit with candles.

The first aluminum trees were made in Chicago in 1958.

The latest in artificial tree material is fiber optic, where nearly the entire tree is illuminated with light.



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