Holiday Takedown: Lights


January 12, 2022

Holiday Takedown: Lights

With the Holiday season coming to a close it is time for the decor to go!

Let us take a moment to see the takedown process of our holiday lighting. Though we provide many types of holiday building lighting, the takedown process remains the same.

When January rolls around, we understand that most people are all holiday-d out. With many locations we service, we found the best method to keep shopping centers looking holiday-free quick is to prioritize unplugging first. In this way, we can service a wider range of shopping centers. Then we can have a second crew come later to physically remove the lights and complete the takedown.

It is not just a great method and hardworking team that has gotten these lights off and down so quickly. We cannot forget to praise our unsung heroes, our boom trucks! With their incredible reach and ease of operation, our field team is able to safely and quickly complete hard-to-reach tasks like lighting unplugs and takedowns.

Sorry ladders, not all jobs are meant for you!



Boom Trucks: Treat Them Kindly

These commercial vehicles require a lot of care and attention to be safe to operate. At Exterior Products, we have these vehicles serviced regularly to keep them performing at their best. Safe driving and operation ensure they are in good condition. Indoor parking at our shop also protects the appeal of our vehicles and protects them from weathering too quickly. With near-daily use and care, one could argue that we “spoil” our company vehicles… and we do not disagree!


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