Building Wash

October 20, 2021

Building Wash

Even buildings need a bath. Get rid of unsightly grime with a power wash!

We use top notch cleaning solutions to get your outdoor surfaces squeaky clean!

Buildings have it rough! They endure the sun, the weather, wildlife, and us humans on a daily basis. One dare not imagine the kind of filth that would accumulate over time. Thankfully, buildings can get washed without damaging the surfaces, and with a lift there’s no such thing as a hard to reach place.

Bath Time Benefits

There’s more to gain than being clean! Regular washing can help with the following:

  • Preserve your paint job and surfaces by preventing buildup of corrosive material
  • Prevent growth of unsightly algae or potentially harmful mold
  • Help prevent more serious problems like rust and water damage that would accumulate under humid, uncleared material
  • Create a welcoming and pleasant environment for occupants
  • Create a health safe environment for occupants by removing dust, pollen, and mold that can be harmful if left unchecked
  • Costs less than painting
  • You can get the roof tiles and windows done too!

Happy to make your building shine!

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