Print Your Vision

October 27, 2021

Print Your Vision

Add that extra flare to your event with custom promotional prints!

If you want your event to stand out and captivate your attendees, then you should definitely consider getting custom printed posters, prints, window decals, or more. At Exterior Products, we specialize in providing custom prints for our clients to the dimensions they need.

Let’s say you want promo material, but you don’t have any print ready designs. No problem! We have graphic designers that would be happy to arrange your photos and vector assets to a print-ready product. All we ask is that photos be high resolution (at least 600 DPI) to provide the best quality print.

We also can provide and install additional accessories like REX frames for showcasing larger prints. These custom fit aluminum frames stretch and lock prints into the framing for a taught, smooth, and seemingly borderless appearance. They are also stand-alone, and their lightweight design makes moving them safe and easy for event staff. Clearly the perfect solution for displaying large prints in a dynamic event setting!


Here’s some helpful milestones to plan
for so your prints can be in production
and ready before show time!


Take a Tally

Early on, you should consider your event space and the promotional opportunities it can offer. Take note of storefront windows and glass doors. These are perfect for window clings. A large, blank wall can be perfect for posters and fliers. Alcoves can be great to setup large prints on REX frames. If there are multiple activities your attendees should be on the lookout for, handouts and printed schedule would be great to keep everyone engaged. Once you know what you’ll need, get a count on how many of each printed product you’ll need.


Get Your Assets Ready

Be it print-ready designs or assets for a graphic designer to arrange, you should have these files ready for your printer several weeks prior to when you want everything printed. This gives your designer and/or printer time to go through the proofing process and make any changes. It’s also a good buffer if there are changes to your event that can effect your order quantities.


Check Twice Before Committing to Print

Prior to giving your printer the go-ahead, you should double check your proofs and your quantities. By this time this is perhaps your last opportunity to make changes. So be absolutely certain that you get what your event needs!



You dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s. Your promotional material is being printed. You now have one less thing to worry about!

Design, print, and cut… Oh my!

We here at Exterior Product can handle every step of the process. We know you make every event unique, so we offer custom work to suit your needs. Here’s the full run down:

  • We can make or collaborate on the design process
  • We can assist in selecting the right materials for the job
  • We can print to your custom sizes
  • We can die cut most uniquely shaped prints
  • We can apply/install your prints so you don’t have to!

We invite you to further explore what we can offer for your event

Please call or email us for pricing!

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