Take It Down

October 13, 2021

Take It Down

Packing up and moving out? Well don’t forget about your sign!

Our skilled service technicians can get your sign removed worry and hassle free!

There’s more to it than meets the eye:

Unfortunately, removing a sign isn’t as easy as an abracadabra-sign-o-remove-o. We sure wish it was! Here are some things to consider about your sign and why it may need special planning to get the job done.

Location, location, location!
Consider your property and the area around the sign to be removed. There needs to be adequate room for a truck or lift to access the sign area.

Get your date set
If you’re on a hard schedule, like having to vacate a building by a set date, plan your removal a few weeks in advanced. Nothing is more stressful than the last minute!

Know the sign
Different signs call for different removal processes. Be sure to take plenty of photos so your contractor can be prepared to remove your unique sign.

What will happen to your sign after removal? If it is no longer needed, you may want your contractor to also handle disposal. If you want to keep your sign to reuse it then your contract must know. Damage to the sign during removal is almost always unavoidable, but knowing ahead of time can help reduce damage


Paint tends to change color when exposed to the sun and the weather. When a sign gets taken down this can be very apparent. Time to schedule a painter!


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