Birds Be Gone!

February 24, 2022

Birds Be Gone!

A look into popular bird deterrent products and how they can help you!

Unfortunately, not all birds are brief visitors with lovely songs. Common pest birds such as pigeons, grackles, and seagulls can easily make a home of your property and cause damages with their waste and nesting behavior. They may also harass humans for food, and at worse attack humans who venture too close to their nests. For these reasons, we share this information to help you better protect your property and the people who inhabit it.

Grape Spray
This grape odor is generally disliked by pigeons and other pest birds. It can be applied to outdoor common areas where birds tend to congregate. With monthly applications, even the most persistent bird may turn tail and roost someplace else.

Sonic Calls
These devices mimic distress calls and/or predator calls. Point them towards the infestation to increase effectiveness. They are programable and can be set to call at different intervals and also timed to operate at certain times of the day. With persistent sounding, most birds will not extend their stay.

Bird Gel
This sticky substance can be applied to any perches and ledges that birds can get onto. When they attempt to land they will be discomforted by the feel of the substance. The gel is clear and applies easily like caulking. Regular applications train birds to stay away and find a different perch.


Notable Deterrents
Bird spikes, bird netting, bird wire, and bird spiders all deter birds from landing on applied areas.


What About Visual Deterrents?

In our experience, visual deterrents such as predator statues, holographic gels, and reflectors are only effective for a limited time compared to the above solutions. Birds are intelligent and are capable of learning to recognize false predators and warnings. The same learning can apply to other sensory deterrents. This is why when we treat an infestation we use multiple types of deterrents to persuade birds to stay away.



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