Time For A Roof Clean?

March 02, 2022

Time For A Roof Clean?

There have been strong winds and rain lately. It may be time to clean your roof!

One of the prime examples of the dreaded “out of sight out of mind” aspect to property maintenance, the roof is regretfully easy to forget about. Unfortunately, neglecting to clean and maintain a roof can mean many repairs and issues in the future. Here are a couple of common questions we receive regarding roof cleaning:

What Is Up There?
In general, we mostly find dirt, mud, excess water, leaves/branches, and HVAC contractor debris on rooftops. In the cases of dirt and mud, we sometimes see grasses and plants taking the opportunity to grow! It is not uncommon for us to find trash from trespassers and the homeless. All trash and debris we find on a roof are removed and disposed of.

What Are The Benefits?
The first and most important is that removal of debris will take the stress off your roof. It will also allow the roof to drain water more efficiently and reduce the risk of the roof retaining water. There can also be health benefits, as cleaning can reduce the presence of any harmful mold or bacteria. Removing water and allowing for drainage reduces the risk of mosquitos, notorious vectors for disease, spawning on your rooftop puddles. Similarly, removing branches and foliage debris makes it difficult for birds to nest and reproduce on your property.

Other Things Worth Cleaning:

• Roof Tiles
• Downspouts and Drains
• Gutters
• Awnings
• The exterior walls of your building
• Courtyards and common areas
• Defaced/Graffitied surfaces


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