Annual Warehouse Fill

February 3, 2022

Annual Warehouse Fill

Safely storing holiday decorations until next season!

The final part of holiday removal that is seldom thought about is where these decorations go when they are taken down. For a vast majority of our clients, we store their decor in-house until the next season. All decor from the site is labeled for the job and their location on the sitemap. With clear and accurate labeling, pulling and installing decor for next year is made much easier!

Every type of decor has its own segment in the warehouse. Keeping bows on the top racks helps free up space for storing other decors on the racks below. Monument garlands are tilted up on the warehouse wall for ease of moving and keeping ornaments safe. We amaze ourselves every year with how we can pack everything away!

During our off-season, we will be taking steps to ensure the next holiday goes just as well as this one. On-site, we will be inspecting and replacing clips and mounting hardware. In the warehouse, we will be refurbishing and replacing any broken accent decor like ornaments. In the office, we will continue assisting our clients in planning and procuring for their next holiday display.

We thank you all again for choosing Exterior Products!


Our Experience: How to Stay Organized

In serving over a hundred properties every year staying organized is an absolute necessity. Here is what we learned through trial and error. We hope it is useful for you!
• Have a designated space for your items
• Keep similar function items near each other
• Always return items where they belong
• For items in containers, label the containers with relevant reference info (ex: item name, jobsite, and jobsite location)
• For workspaces, less is more. Decluttering and only having daily use items on your desk makes it easier to stay organized and find the right items you need

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