Love – Joy – Happiness

February 9, 2022

Love – Joy – Happiness

Safely storing holiday decorations until next season!

Here at Exterior Products, our company mission has always centered around providing quality services to our customers. For our employees, our mission is to provide them with stability and prosperity. We deeply believe that in providing these things to our employees, they will, in turn, provide wonderful work for our
customers. We are proud to say that we prove ourselves right year after year!

In the spirit of the holiday, hold the romanticism, let us take the time to truly appreciate the ExPro staff that makes this company great. We thank our field crew
for providing quality work for our customers and getting the job done. We thank our office team for providing great customer service and ensuring all of
our customers are satisfied with their projects. We thank the owner of the company who manages all aspects of our company and ensures we can provide great service for many years to come.

Then of course we thank you, our customer, for choosing Exterior Products for all your Electrical, Lighting, and Maintenance needs!

Thank you!


Valentine’s Day Fun Facts!

Here are some lovely fun facts about the Holiday. They may be worth including in a Valentines’ card!
• In Japan, it is customary that women give chocolate to men on Valentine’s Day. There is a continuation of this called White Day, on March 14th, where men are to give chocolates back to the women who gifted them to them.
• In Portugal, women give men a “lovers’ handkerchief” on Valentine’s Day, and it is typically embroidered with love motifs.
• Multiple people could be attributed as being Saint Valentine. The dispute and confusion to the Saint’s true identity ultimately had the Catholic Church remove the day from the General Roman Calander in 1969. The status as Saint remains with Valentine, whoever he may be!

Have a Valentine’s Day With SoCal Style!

Here are some places worth bringing your sweetheart to!
• Paradise Cove in Malibu for dining and enjoying the beach
• LA County Arboretum for strolling and viewing the landscape and wildlife
• Mt. Baldy for enjoying nature with a scenic chairlift ride, skiing, or hiking

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