Capabilities of Holiday Lighting

It’s not a holiday celebration if you don’t deck the halls with lighting. The same goes for your commercial property, too! Whether you need a tasteful and picturesque building treatment or an elaborate North Pole scene complete with Santa’s workshop, there are endless solutions that will sparkle throughout the season. 

Holiday Tree Lights

There is nothing more festive than sparkling trees during the holidays. They allow you to create an inviting atmosphere to enhance your customers’ and tenants’ holiday experience. Holiday tree lighting brightens up outdoor walkways and seating areas. As a result, you attract more evening and nighttime foot traffic to your food court, courtyard, or promenade.

Holiday Building Lights

Holiday building lighting should be taken seriously. Professionals can adapt seasonal building lighting applications to any scale or budget. Outdoor-rated commercial socket stringers and faceted LED C-7 and C-9 bulbs allow for ideal brightness and optics with unsurpassed energy-efficiency. One of the most popular and traditional bulb colors is Sun Warm White. Slightly warmer in tone than average warm white lights, it’s designed to faithfully imitate the classic incandescent string lights of childhood. 

Celebrate All Year

Why limit the festivity to just one season? Temporary and seasonal lighting are perfect for just about any celebration your organization or retail center takes part in. From Chinese New Year to Independence Day to Halloween, companies like Exterior Products can have your property covered year-round. 


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