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Sign Removals

Trust the Pros

In an ever-changing business world, sign removal is easy to take for granted — until you’re up against a deadline. Whether you’re a tenant moving to a new location or a landlord with big new ideas for your building, it makes sense to trust experienced professionals to handle your sign removal. Don’t take the unnecessary risk of attempting to remove your old building signage yourself. Exterior Products has the right equipment and tools for the job!


How We Can Help You

Comprehensive Service

Exterior Products is a licensed sign removal contractor, equipped to handle individual, shopping center, and citywide sign removals. Our well-maintained fleet of lift trucks allows us to reach signs up to 60′ high (dependent on access). Our personnel are safety-focused, seasoned veterans of working at heights and removing commercial signage. We work  between 3 AM and 9 AM to avoid disturbing tenants, their customers, or their neighbors.

Our Specialties

High or low, backlit or unlit, aluminum or plastic — Exterior Products removes it all! Here are some of the types of signage we can remove:

• Fluorescent and LED signs
• Neon signs
• Banners
• Blade signs
• Building and architectural lettering
• Logos
• Lightboxes

Once your sign has been removed, our crew will cap off any electrical connections left behind to ensure safety and compliance with building codes. In order to prevent moisture from seeping into the walls, we seal any holes left by hardware or stand-offs using elastomeric patching compound.

As professionals, we take our duty seriously when it comes to disposing of old signage materials lawfully and in accordance with all applicable environmental regulations. We cannot guarantee that your sign will remain intact after removal, as commercial building signage is not usually built to withstand the kind of force required to remove it. However, if you would like to keep your old signage, let us know and we will do our best to preserve it, leaving it in a safe location for you to pick up after our work is done.

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