Holidays Made: Part II

November 10, 2021

Holidays Made: Part II

Yes, we’re still working nights to bring you holiday cheer!

During these weeks, we do more than sneak around plugging in string lights. We are out installing bows, garlands, trees, and more! Each piece we provide is a custom fit for the structure they rest on and fabricated to order. We have specialized staff that hand weave tinsel and LED lights into our bows to ensure they have the best holiday sparkle.

Our garlands, trees, and wreaths also receive special care. We examine all ornaments for quality and ensure they are securely attached to the piece. The last thing we want is a Holiday mishap!

When all is said and done. The lights are shining, the ornaments are glistening, and our staff is finally sleeping! We are glad to bring in the holiday atmosphere for you and your properties. Best wishes to you this Holiday Season from all of us at Exterior Products!

Holiday Fun Facts

Impress your friends and family with these neat fun facts!

Since the middle ages, ribbons have been enhancing the appearance of clothing and possessions. They were so popular that in the 16th century, the English Parliament attempted to restrict the wearing of ribbons and have them only available to nobility.
They are not exclusive to the holidays! Wreaths were hung on doors since ancient Rome. The materials used would indicate the social status of the homeowner. What a flex!
The use of Garlands is even older, dating back to ancient Egypt. They were used ceremonially to celebrate the transition into the afterlife. Their use also became decorative as they integrated into Greek, Byzantine, and medieval European culture. Also worth noting, a garland draped in loops is called swag. Who knew our modern youth were so into these garlands?


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