Handcrafted Bows

April 06, 2022

Handcrafted Bows

When Holiday decor needs perfection we craft it ourselves!

During the off-season, we here at Exterior Products maintain and replace our Holiday decor. This year we found that our wreath bows have served more than their fair share of holiday seasons and we quietly retired them to the dumpster. But what of the new generation of wreath bows? Well, outdoor use bows are hard to come by and do not always have the longevity and weather resistance advertised. Because of this, we ultimately took it upon ourselves to design and handcraft our wreath bows for 2022 and onwards.

Our staff is not only industrious, but they are also creative too! We always want our bows to be elegant and pristine. That is why they have been crafted with a semi-rigid core to maintain their shape and look as natural as a ribbon bow. Visual appeal is always a priority, so for our red bows, we used a velvet-like fabric for its luster and wrinkle-free properties.

In providing Holiday decor for almost 20 years, we just could not find bows to withstand the SoCal climate. That is why the most important upgrade is adding our protective sun and weather coating to all wreath bows. This will have bows looking great and lasting much longer for our clients.

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