Birds Love February

February 23, 2022

Birds Love February

Cupid aims for the birds! From now until August, there are birds looking to make a nest near you!

Bird activity is at its highest in spring. Even so, it is not too late to protect your property. With the right bird control strategy implemented by experts like Exterior Products, birds will be less likely to call your property home.

Why care if birds nest on your property? Birds can be destructive and messy when building, maintaining and using their nests. This can be a health hazard if their preferred nest spot is by common dining areas or at entryways.

Even before nest-building behavior starts, birds can create the same hazards when roosting and foraging at your property. When left unchecked, a flock can be a nuisance to patrons by pilfering food and making noise. Some species like Grackles can also be outright aggressive and attack humans who wander too close to their nest. Do not remove nests without consulting an expert! There are bird species
that are protected by law such as migratory birds and birds of prey. Removing the nest of these birds is unlawful.

It is always best to prevent bird activity before it starts. At Exterior Products, we offer a wide variety of bird deterrent methods to keep your property safe. We start by surveying your property and we identify where bird activity is or is likely to occur. We then tailor a bird control plan for your unique situation. Our multi-faceted strategy can use auditory, olfactory, visual, and tactile deterrents to convince birds to stay away.


No-Touch Nests

These special mud nests are made by swallows. They are a highly protected species and removing their nests is illegal without proper permits. Definitely leave this bird problem to qualified professionals!


Deterrent Recommendations

Grape Spray
Olfactory Deterrent

Sonic Call
Auditory Deterrent

Bird Gel
Tactile Deterrent


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