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Screen Printed Holiday Banners


Screen printed banners are made with UV-resistant, heat-cured inks on durable marine canvas fabric. The results speak for themselves! These banners are able to withstand harsh weather conditions in all seasons while resisting fading. It’s an easy way to enhance your property for 3-5 years of use, as long as your banners are correctly installed, stored, and cared for.

With plenty of stock designs to choose from, you won’t need an entire art department at your disposal to create something beautiful and long-lasting. On the other hand, if you do have customization in mind, you can trust us to help you develop your ideas into the crisp lines and bold colors that best represent your organization.

Screen printing is both a traditional artistic technique and a production printing method. Screen print inks can be PMS color matched very closely to your desired color range, and our recommended Sunbrella Marine canvas fabric comes in a wide variety of colors. Lead time is usually 3 to 4 weeks for custom screen printing.


Digital printing is a faster, more economical, more flexible option than screen printing. While the banners may not last as long, they absolutely do not lose out in the beauty department. Furthermore, if you opt for our UV protective coating, you might end up getting a few years out of these banners anyway!

Printing banners digitally on vinyl is the best option for designs that incorporate complex gradients or photography. So you can create a city-wide showcase of the most scenic views in your area, or beautify a parking lot while promoting your best-selling products!

And if you need to spruce up your light poles with a different design each year, the speed and economy lets you meet your deadlines while staying within budget. It’s a win-win, with gorgeous results!


Appliqué Holiday Banners


Appliqué banners are classy and sophisticated, for our clients who need long-lasting banners that will dramatically upgrade the image of any public space or shopping center.

This type of banner is made from separate pieces of outdoor marine fabric which are stitched together to create the final product. Want your shopping center’s name on an appliqué banner? No problem! We can customize these banners with screen printing or embroidery.

On top of appliqué banners, Exterior Products offers appliqué flags for flagpoles! We stock United States and California flags in all standard sizes, but can also provide custom and one-of-a-kind flags. Holiday-themed flags create an appealing and festive spirit in any outdoor space. Contact us today to get started on your flag or banner project!