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Year Round Tree Lights


With our low-voltage, all-weather LED lights, any tree can sparkle year-round! These are a softer and more subtle application, coded for permanent outdoor use. They use a fraction of the electricity that holiday lights consume, and they can be hard wired to eliminate the risk of tripping GFCI outlets due to moisture.

It’s important to consider that trees are living things, and they grow continuously. This does not affect temporary holiday lighting, but definitely will affect permanent tree lights. Exterior Products uses high quality nursery tape and growth-friendly techniques. This approach allows us to safeguard the integrity of the installation while preserving the health of each tree.

Permanent lighting, like holiday lighting, demands ongoing maintenance. For this reason, Exterior Products schedules routine maintenance on all of our lighting projects to keep our clients’ properties looking their best. Landscapers may cut permanent light lines while trimming. Rodents and other pests can chew on wiring, and nursery tape requires regular replacement. It takes a dedicated effort to keep lighting in working order, and we take pride in rising to that challenge.

Year-Round Building Lights

Standard commercial string lights are excellent for seasonal applications, but they are designed only for temporary use on commercial roofs. This type of lighting is not rated for year-round use, and frequently causes electrical and maintenance problems. That’s why we offer our clients high-quality lighting options that will stand the tests of time and weather. What’s more, these options use less energy, require less maintenance, and the visual results are stunning.

We install year-round building lighting in accordance with all National Electrical Code® (NEC) standards. Our watertight 24V and 12V applications allow us to highlight building perimeters or cast light from under curbs and overhangs. We use premium exterior-grade lighting systems manufactured in Japan, as they are unrivaled in reliability and aesthetic. All product is hand-picked by our design team to perfectly complement each installation area. This is how we achieve stunning results to make your property the center of attention.


Beautiful Accents


Commercial buildings place unique constraints on our installation process. Flashing, decorative moldings, shingled rooflines, and other architectural elements will affect our approach in different ways. Consequently, we work with a range of stock and custom brackets to secure your lines to virtually any surface.

The design and build process is a calculated and precise undertaking. For this reason, we are happy to collaborate with your architect, general contractor or electrician to optimize the details.

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