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Year Round Tree Lights


These are a softer and more subtle application coded for year round use. They use a fraction of the electricity that holiday lights consume and they can be hard wired to avoid problems with tripping GFI outlets.

Low Voltage lines maintain the integrity of the landscape design year round. We have 24 Volt, 12 Volt and now LED 8 Volt applications for a variety of looks and trees.

Year Round Building Lights

The draw to retain the quaint look of holiday lighting in a year round application is where we can offer you more efficient and lasting investment. We offer you the latest and most prestigious name in the commercial low voltage lighting industry.

For the past five (5) years we have worked with different brands only to exclusively sell, specify and install product for our year round lighting applications. We recommend the LS Series all weather 24 Volt and 12 Volt applications to create subtle or stunning outdoor displays. The high capacity line comes in clear, brown and ivory for the best aesthetics. The LS is a premium product used to highlight building perimeters, or cast light from under curbs and overhangs with this exterior-grade lighting system.




Typically at this level we can deal directly with your Architect, General Contractor or electrician as the design / build process is a calculated and precise undertaking. We can have a variety of stock and custom brackets designed to assemble your lines to virtually any surface. Most buildings have a variety of flashing, decorative moldings and shingled rooflines which affect the installation method.

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