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Better and brighter


Upgrading your shopping center’s light fixtures to LED pays immediate dividends by increasing your energy efficiency, lowering your maintenance costs, improving foot traffic, and reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.


LED fixtures use only a small fraction of the energy that High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps use. That means you get to pay less on your monthly energy bills, and you get to help the environment at the same time. Your energy provider may even offer a rebate for having your light fixtures retrofitted. Please contact us for more details on potential incentives available to you.


Most shopping centers using traditional HID lamps spend a great deal of time and money replacing broken or malfunctioning bulbs and ballasts, whether it’s due to vandalism, the elements, or faulty equipment. When you retrofit your lighting to LED, you cut those costs dramatically. LEDs are more durable and longer-lived than HID lamps , and your maintenance crew will have a lot less to repair over time.


Your customers don’t want to walk through a parking lot at night when the lighting is inadequate, and they want to know that their car will be safe while it’s parked. Not only do LED fixtures produce more light than HID lamps, they also spread that light more evenly, reducing dark spots in your shopping center and increasing safety and security overall.


Your Property


Retrofitting your existing LED parking lot poles is a simple, affordable way to improve your shopping center’s overall lighting, provided your existing poles are in good condition. We can help you determine the condition of your parking lot light poles using Ultrasonic Pole Testing — just another expert service we offer here at Exterior Products.

We can also retrofit, replace, or maintain any other exterior lighting fixtures in your shopping center, such as:

Wall Packs
Can and Recessed Fixtures
Landscaping Uplights
Security Floodlights
Fluorescent Bars
Hanging Fixtures
Wall Sconces
Monument Sign Lighting

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